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The Hardest Idea: Less is More

When I was first diagnosed, my response—other than to turn the whole cancer nightmare into a research project—was to cry, “Nuke it! Nuke it! Nuke It!” I had the Valkyrie response: “Kill the wabbit! Destroy that cancer! Do everything!” I … Continue reading

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No fair

After almost six weeks of radiation, I’ve become friends with a couple other women who are crazy enough to do early, early morning radiation appointments. One is a young mother, very petite. She’s also one of Dr. Hwang’s surgery patients. … Continue reading

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Control freak who?

“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Control freak. Now, you say, ‘Control freak,who?’” When I first heard that joke, it took me about ten minutes to get it. That created much merriment for my family, who know that I’m the sort of … Continue reading

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The side effects come in on little cat feet

If chemo is a sledgehammer, then radiation is a little Dremer drill: more subtle, more precise but equally lethal in its way. The side effects accumulate more slowly, appearing quietly, steadily. Week 1: After my check-up with Dr. Fowble, I … Continue reading

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Set …

Almost a week passes after my measuring session in radiation oncology. Radiation therapy happens every day, Monday through Friday, but the docs prefer that you have at least three sessions before you get to the first weekend break. My schedule … Continue reading

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Ready …

About two weeks ago, Pete and I go in for my two-hour, radiation oncology prep appointment. I’m not sure if that’s the official name, but that’s what it was. We start in an exam room. Dr. Barbara Fowble explains what … Continue reading

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Is it really about the hair?

Lately, I’ve found myself in the strange position of being a bit of an “eminence gris” among those of us who have agreed to participate in the DigniCap “cold cap” trial that succeeded in preserving my hair through chemo. I … Continue reading

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