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The Hardest Idea: Less is More

When I was first diagnosed, my response—other than to turn the whole cancer nightmare into a research project—was to cry, “Nuke it! Nuke it! Nuke It!” I had the Valkyrie response: “Kill the wabbit! Destroy that cancer! Do everything!” I … Continue reading

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Tethered cancer drugs a one-two punch?

This week a new study is presented in Sweden suggesting that it may be possible to tether cancer drugs together to make them more effective. A team led by Sara Hurvitz of UCLA created T-DM1 which links Herceptin to a … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Red Devil

To a large extent, you trust your oncologist with your life. When you’re going through the stress of surgery, pathology and figuring out a treatment plan, there’s no way for a lay person to adequately get up to speed. And … Continue reading

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Seeing through the white

Why do I always feel sad when I meet charming people in the infusion center? I go in for my Herceptin infusion Tuesday, pick a chair at random. I end up next to a woman with a paisley scarf tied … Continue reading

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The Tab 7

Balance forward from The Tab 6: $292,947.97 4/14/11 Up to the Infusion Center for another dose of Herceptin. .51 grams of Herceptin, a little larger dose, and hence a little pricier this time: $9,894.00 Half a liter of saline $24.00 … Continue reading

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Thursday, I go in for a Herceptin infusion and it’s like old home week in the infusion center that used to be so terrifying. I recognize at least half a dozen nurses and wave hello to them. Crystal, my favorite … Continue reading

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About those chemo prices…

A couple days ago, I get a call from a friend of a friend. I know the mutual friend from student days in Beijing in the mid-80s. The guy who’s calling runs a film company with his wife, who was … Continue reading

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