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So Alone.

Our block in San Francisco could start its own cancer support group! Within 100 yards of sidewalk, we’ve got two breast cancer survivors, one lung cancer patient and one bile duct cancer patient. A couple days ago, I noticed all … Continue reading

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The Hardest Idea: Less is More

When I was first diagnosed, my response—other than to turn the whole cancer nightmare into a research project—was to cry, “Nuke it! Nuke it! Nuke It!” I had the Valkyrie response: “Kill the wabbit! Destroy that cancer! Do everything!” I … Continue reading

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It’s even harder than we thought

Today, the New England Journal of Medicine publishes a paper that shows that genetic mutations—the garbled DNA code that can kill you—often differs within the same cancer tumor. This is a huge deal. Why? Because dozens, if not hundreds, of … Continue reading

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You can lead a horse to water

I’ll never forget the first days and weeks after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The outpouring of friends and family, and friends of friends and family, just blow me away. But the breast cancer survivors are incredible: I email … Continue reading

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Tethered cancer drugs a one-two punch?

This week a new study is presented in Sweden suggesting that it may be possible to tether cancer drugs together to make them more effective. A team led by Sara Hurvitz of UCLA created T-DM1 which links Herceptin to a … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Red Devil

To a large extent, you trust your oncologist with your life. When you’re going through the stress of surgery, pathology and figuring out a treatment plan, there’s no way for a lay person to adequately get up to speed. And … Continue reading

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Seeing through the white

Why do I always feel sad when I meet charming people in the infusion center? I go in for my Herceptin infusion Tuesday, pick a chair at random. I end up next to a woman with a paisley scarf tied … Continue reading

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