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Pretty Bras After Surgery? Wish I’d Known…

File this under the “wish I’d known” category: Hy husband Pete has a colleague whose wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She sent me an email yesterday, or rather, her husband forwarded an email to me. She’s not … Continue reading

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A New Gig

I’m happy to announce that I’m now going to be blogging for WebMD. Here, at “My Left Breast,” I’ll continue to write about breast cancer: my experience, of course, as well as the history, science, culture and ethics of the … Continue reading

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Caution: Eating may be bad for your health

My husband jokes that I’ve never forgotten a meal. He also teases me because as soon as I’ve finished one meal, a big burger for a Saturday lunch say, I’m already planning the next, “What do you want for dinner … Continue reading

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Phone Call No. 13

A couple days later, the phone rings again. “Hi Heather, this is Tara, Dr. Rugo’s nurse practitioner. I’m so glad to finally get you on the phone in person!” We’d been playing telephone tag for the better part of a … Continue reading

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A Phone Call No. 11

“Hi Heather, This is Sandra from Dr. Hwang’s office at the Breast Care Center.” “So you’ve got a date for the re-excision? To clean up that one margin from the lumpectomy?” “Yes,” Sandra says. “We’ve managed to change to an … Continue reading

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A walk through the city, Infusion No. 4

My walking schedule has gone to the dogs since we moved a month ago. My main exercise has been moving boxes around, unpacking boxes, walking up and down stairs, organizing things. I did manage a short hike to the top … Continue reading

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What is NOT cancer 8

Realizing that the incision in your underarm has healed enough that you can play piano without wincing. Beginning to plan your daughter’s Cleopatra Halloween costume. Going to a lovely reception for the parents of your daughter’s upper elementary class, and … Continue reading

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